Referee Guidelines

Thank you for participating in our adult soccer league as a referee. You have an important role, not only as an official of a soccer game, but also as an extension and a representative of this league. You play an integral part in the safety and enjoyment of many great central Ohio men and women playing the game of soccer.
If you are a licensed soccer referee and are interested in officiating games for us, please contact Steve Maples at 614-327-6321,
Other contacts are:
  • John Altieri, 614-778-2926

Here you will find league rules and schedules.

Please abide by the following as you referee our games:

1. First, ensure the safety of all participants of the match.
2. Officiate using FIFA rules but allow for the leagueâ??s exceptions such as no sliding. See rules of league.
3. Make sure you have read and have knowledge of the league rules.
4. Arrive at your game site no later than 15 minutes prior to the start of your game
5. Start the clock on time.
6. Do not deviate from the stated rules, but use your discretion within the boundary of the stated rules.
7. Bring both team captains together at the beginning of each game for introductions, coin toss, questions and a reminder to play the game safely.
8. Obtain signatures on the score card from both team captains at the end of the game.
9. Bring the two team captains together at any point during the match to remind them of the rules or to ask them to keep their players under control.
10. Report scores to Steve Maples after your match. Cell phone is 614-327-6321. Email is
11. Record the names of any players who receive red cards and report these names with the team scores. Team captains have a responsibility to disclose the names of players who receive a red card.
12. If you cannot make a game, please contact Steve Maples.
13. Payment typically made at the fields day of games. If you should get missed with payment, please email John Altieri at with your name, address and number of games. The league will mail payment to you that week.
14. Both referees should wear matching official uniforms
15. Refrain from engaging in any back-and-forth verbal exchanges with players.

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