League Rules

This is an adult recreational soccer league - no one under the age of 18 years old is permitted to participate. All players are required to log in to the web site and sign a roster/waiver form per team in which they participate each season. Unrostered players are not allowed to participate. Teams that do not pay their fee will forfeit remaining games.
FIFA rules honored with following exceptions:
  • No sliding allowed for field players. Please stay on your feet.
  • Substitutions on own throw-ins; free substitutions on goal kicks and injuries.
  • A player who receives a yellow card must sub-out, but may reenter at next eligible opportunity.
  • A player who receives a red card will be sent off the field for the remainder of the match and must leave the entire field area. The immediate penalty for receiving a red card is suspension from the game in question. The duration of that suspension, which can range from 1 game to the entire season, will be determined by the league based on the red card infraction, and that playerâ??s behavior after receiving notice.
  • A player must wear shin guards in order to play or enter a game.

Matches are 83 minutes (40 minute halves, with 3 minutes intermission). Referees will start game clock at times specified on schedule, even if teams are not yet prepared to take the field.

The league and referees reserve the right to adapt league rules to fit expected or unexpected situations resulting from weather, player/team conduct, and field conditions to ensure the safety of all players and to maintain the integrity of the league. For example, minutes for a game may be reduced if conditions are wet or muddy in order to prevent or lessen the deterioration of the field. Also, referees may stop or conclude a game at any point due to weather or poor sportsmanship by players.

In case of inclement weather, assume game will be played unless captains receive notice from the league to the contrary. Each referee will use own discretion when calling off a game due to lightning, bad weather, or poor sportsmanship. The league will make every effort to reschedule canceled games; however, rescheduled games are not guaranteed.
Second team listed on schedule is home team. Teams choose their own color. If there is a conflict in shirt color, the home team will change shirts. Teams should bring white shirt as alternate. Maximum 18 players per team. Players must log in to web site and sign the roster/waiver form for each team and season in which they play.
Coed Divisions
Of the ten field players (ignoring the goalkeeper), no more than 6 can be men. There must be at least 2 women and 5 men on the field in order to start a match. Suggested ratio of men to women is 7:4.
30+ Coed Divisions
You may have no more than 2 players who are 28 or 29 years old. All other players must be at least 30 years of age. Initially teams should police themselves. If complaints arise about underage players, the league will step in to enforce this rule by checking IDs.

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