Q: I am a captain, how do I add players to my roster?

A: The best way to add players to your roster is to send them invites to join your team. You can do this in a few simple steps:

1. Login and navigate to your 'Dashboard'.
2. Click your team's name to navigate to your team profile page.
3. Click 'Send Invites'. Found under 'Roster', in the menu on the right side of the page. 
4. Follow the instruction on the page to email invites to your players. 

Players will receive a link that they can follow, and fill out the waiver to join the team. 

Q: I am a player, how do I join my team's roster?

A: If you are on a team and have not received an invite from your captain, you can send him/her a request to join. Do this, by navigating to the registration page and filling out a registration form.  The registration page can be found here. You must know the division your team is in, in order to find them in the drop down on the registration form.

Q: I am trying to register with my team, but I keep getting an error about my birthdate being invalid.

A: Check your profile and ensure that your birthdate is entered. To edit the profile settings:
1. Login
2  Navigate to your 'Dashboard'
3. Navigate to 'Edit Profile' from right-side navigation
4. Save changes
*Note:  For ALL coed leagues a player must be at least 18 and at least 30 for the 30+ division. 

Q: How do I message another team captain to notify of a scheduling or other issues?

A: As a team captain, you can message other captains via the "Program" page. To get you to the correct page:
1. Login and navigate to your 'Dashboard'
2. Click the link for your Current program. ie. Summer 2014 Sunday Afternoon Coed B Division
3. On the right-side navigation, select the link to 'Teams'
4. Find the team you wish to message and select 'Message Captain'

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact John Altieri or Zach Griffin.


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